Driving Efficiently

Air pollutants and gases such as oxides of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur and hydrocarbons are produced by vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel. These will affect the quality of air and even the global climate.

Smog is responsible for illness and respiratory ailments. Nitrogen and oxides of sulphur combine with water vapour to form acid rain which damages geographical areas such as lakes, forests and crops.

Too much carbon dioxide and other gases trapping heat in the atmosphere is the major reason for global warming. Due to global warming, average rise to temperature, water levels are decreasing and more frequent and severe storms happen around the world.

Cars are responsible for nearly half the carbon dioxide produced by all forms of transportation. Vehicles that carry large numbers of passengers, such as buses, produce less carbon dioxide per passenger than cars.

As a driver, you can play a major role in protecting the environment from the harmful effects of driving. To read more about this topic, please click the link below.

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